Serifos Island Beaches

Stunning Crystal Water Beaches of Serifos Island - Serifos Beaches Guide

Although Serifos is a small island it has many beaches for every taste. You can find beautiful beaches all around the island even next to the Port. Most of the beaches on Serifos Island are easily accessible but there are some that you can only approach via dirt roads after some walking or only by boat.

Serifos Island Beaches

But despite the difficulties of access you will encounter some of these beaches on Serifos Island all worth a visit, as they are truly magnificent. The good thing is that most of the beaches are not organized giving you the feeling that you are more close to nature, 1 or 2 taverns do exist there just for the necessities. Another good thing is that also several of the beaches have tamarisk trees that will offer you free complimentary shade.

Serifos Island Beaches One by One

Livadi beach - Serifos Island Beaches

Livadi might be the main Port of Serifos Island, but it has one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Livadi Beach may not be the beach which will more

Avlomonas beach - Serifos Island Beaches

Avlomonas Beach is one of the largest beaches not only on Serifos Island but in all the Cyclades. A golden sandy beach with a large array of Taverns, more

Livadakia beach - Serifos Island Beaches

Livadakia beach is also a beach with golden sand which lies almost next to Livadi, Serifos’s main Port. It is a modern tourist settlement which was more

Lia beach - Serifos Island Beaches

Lia Beach is a beautiful secluded beach just before Agios Sostis church. The dirt road stops at the point where there is a gate that closes the more

Agios (Saint) Sostis beach - Serifos Island Beaches

Agios Sostis Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Serifos. A unique landscape similar to the Kolona Beach on Kythnos Island or Prasinonisi on Rhodes more

Psili Ammos (Fine Sand) beach - Serifos Island Beaches

After the gorgeous scenery of Agios Sostis Beach on Serifos, you will find yourself in Psili Ammos Beach. This beach is exactly as its name says. Small dunes of more

Agios (Saint) Ioannis beach - Serifos Island Beaches

Agios Ioannis Beach is another beautiful beach of Serifos island; it is the next beach after Psili Ammos Beach on our way to Kentarchos. The sandy part is more

Kentarchos beach - Serifos Island Beaches

Another unique beach of Serifos Island is the beach below Kentrarchos village or Kalitsos. There is not any road that leads to the beach, you can only go on more

Platis Gialos beach - Serifos Island Beaches

Platis Gialos is a great Beach of pure wild beauty on Serifos Island, there are sections with sand and smooth and coarse pebbles. Because the beach more

Sykamia beach - Serifos Island Beaches

Sykamia Beach is one of the two most easily accessible beaches in North Serifos such as Platis Gialos. At Sykamia you will come across a particular more

Kalo Ampeli beach - Serifos Island Beaches

Kalo Ambeli Beach is located in an impressive bay. The rocks around the beach form alcoves in beautiful formations. The best way to approach the beach more

Vagia beach - Serifos Island Beaches

Vagia Beach lies on the Southwest of Serifos, a beach with sand and pebbles in a wonderful landscape. Access is easy by car or on foot from the more

Ganema beach - Serifos Island Beaches

Between Vagia Beach and Koutalas settlement on Serifos Island you will find the beautiful Ganema Beach. A long beach of sand with a few pebbles. At more

Koutalas beach - Serifos Island Beaches

Koutalas Beach is located nearby the homonymous settlement and is a classic beach of Serifos with sand and pebbles. At the back of the beach there are more

Malliadiko beach - Serifos Island Beaches

Another excellent and secluded beach on Serifos Island is the Malliadiko Beach. You will see it from above after Koutalas settlement on your way to Megalo more

Megalo Livadi beach - Serifos Island Beaches

Megalo Livadi Beach is located in the homonymous village that was developed due to the mining activity on Serifos Island. Nowadays there are only more

Some beaches on Serifos Island that are not presented yet in our Tribute but deserve a visit

Avessalos Beach

Koundouros Beach

Karavi Beach

Notino Beach

Dio Gialoudia Beach