Serifos Island Holidays with Odysseus

Holidays on Serifos Island with my son Odysseus

My son Odysseus and I have gone on holidays to Serifos Island twice so far (2013). The very first time was in 2000 shortly before he turned two years old. We went there with our BMW (GS R-80), our guitar and a tent and stayed at the campsite at Livadakia. His sister had just been born therefore she could not join us for holidays yet. So we left the girls at home and we went to Serifos, just the two of us.

Serifos Island Holidays with Odysseus

I remember that we arrived during the night; the camp was crowded so initially we did not find a good position for our tent. But the next day we found a spot with good shade, so we did not need to move again. The days passed very pleasantly. Odysseus adapted himself quickly to the camping lifestyle and as he happened to be the youngest kid there those days, everybody met him and he became something like a mascot of the campers. Especially the girls were extremely infatuated with him. In the morning we went swimming and built sandcastles, at midday we had lunch and a sleep. We did not move around a lot. Maybe just up to Livadi for a Souvlaki and a Coffee in the afternoon. Throughout the day everybody wanted to play with Odysseus. Some people were encouraging him to say difficult words. Then he would figure them out and say them proudly spreading cheer to everybody. Our evenings were dedicated to the guitar and singing on the beach with our fellow campers as we all started to become one company.

The furthest we ventured was to Avessalos beach that had the worst road I had ever come across in my life (or so it seemed to me because I had my child with me), but also one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen in the Aegean Sea. What had made the greatest impression to little Odysseus was the small swimming pool at the campsite. It was probably set up that year (I can not remember it being there in previous years) and little Odysseus every once in a while wanted to drag me towards to the swimming pool. Another thing he was also struck by were the waves on the beach as something was pulling him to touch them. On our return that year we saw many dolphins and many ships (kavaria in Odysseus language). Another time I will tell you about our trip in 2012.