Serifos Holidays

Holidays in Serifos island. Why choose Serifos Island for your Holiday

A personal view about Holidays on Serifos Island

Serifos Island is ideal for holidays. Firstly because it is the second nearest island from the Port of Piraeus after Kythnos Island in the West Cyclades. An important aspect for your holiday on Serifos Island will certainly be its beaches which are numerous and cater for every taste, the picturesque main Town and the serenity that oozes from everywhere on the island.

Serifos Island Holidays

Serifos is one of the few locations in the Aegean Sea where seclusion and quietness are easy to find. If you prefer crowds then you can easily find more life in the Port or Town.

I have spent my holidays on Serifos several times. I have stayed in both a hotel and in rooms to let, especially more often in the past I preferred staying at the campsite in Livadakia which seems to me to be one of the best camping sites in the Aegean. Serifos always provided me generously with its beauty and tranquility. I always left the island with my batteries charged and with the best memories.

Serifos Island Holidays with Odysseus

My son Odysseus and I have gone on holidays to Serifos Island twice so far (2013). The very first time was in 2000 shortly before he turned two years old. We more