Serifos island Greece. A complete guide for Serifos Island in Greece

On Serifos Island everything moves at its own sleepy pace. Nothing and nobody seems to be in a hurry. Life in Livadi, the Port on the eastern side of Serifos Island, moves around the small sheltered from the wind bay and you can comfortably while away the time by sitting on the sandy beach under the Tamarisk trees. The characteristic Tamarisk trees of Serifos Island which crown the creek and simply overlook the anchored boats that gently sway and bob on the surface of the sea, which will hypnotize you with its magical colour of blue.

Serifos Island Greece. com. A complete travel guide for Serifos Island in Greece

We are in the Cyclades feeling the cool light North wind on our skin. The Cyclades with the ubiquitous Tamarisk trees, the polite Cycladic people, locals and migrants alike who sought their fortune here and created the atmosphere with their grace. Yes there are still some Greek Islands that have tapped into the tourist trade without having been "swallowed" by the tourism itself and one of them is Serifos Island with its golden sands and blue sea.

Serifos Island is not an exception but one of many examples. Wherever you go either to have something to eat or to drink or even just to sit and relax somewhere you will find with surprise that the courtesy of the local people is not feigned politeness or complacency but their proud courtesy who cheer to see you on their Island and want you to enjoy your Holidays.  

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Serifos Island Beaches

Although Serifos is a small island it has many beaches for every taste. You can find beautiful beaches all around the island even next to the Port. Most of the beaches on Serifos Island are easily accessible but more

Serifos Island Greece

Serifos Island Holidays

Serifos Island is ideal for holidays. Firstly because it is the second nearest island from the Port of Piraeus after Kythnos Island in the West Cyclades. An important aspect for your holiday on Serifos Island will certainly be its beaches which more

Serifos Island Festival 2014

The Serifos Festival 2014 is presented with the support of: Ministry of Culture, Greece / Greek Tourism Organization and co-organized by Municipality of Serifos Island. Concerts Begin: 9:15 pm at Serifos Theater, Kato Chora, more